IBS Inc.

Who We Are

We Are Bold Innovators

We’re a medical technology company delivering intelligent, rapid, non-invasive testing solutions. Our Intelligent Fingerprinting Drug Screening System is revolutionizing portable testing through fingerprint sweat analysis, which has the potential for broader applications in additional fields. This highly accurate, hygienic, and cost-effective system screens for recent use of drugs commonly found in the workplace, including opiates, cocaine, methamphetamine, and cannabis. With sample collection in seconds and results in under ten minutes, our technology would be a valuable tool for employers in safety-critical industries. Additionally, our biosensor platform has the potential to test for various indications, ranging from immunological conditions to communicable diseases. Our current customer segments include construction, manufacturing and engineering, transport and logistics firms, drug treatment organizations, and coroners.

Our Values


We do not waver from the ethics and values engrained in our culture.


We are determined and focused. We are wholly committed to our purpose and pursue it with grit.


We create to drive transformation and lasting change.


We develop practical solutions using the skills of our people, their wisdom, and the assets available to us.


We embrace the learnings of our challenges. We adapt. We pivot. We respond.


We work together for a common purpose, always.

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