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Intelligent Fingerprinting Drug Testing

Non-invasive Drug Testing at the Tips of your Fingers

Reduce Risk

Aim to identify current impairment rather than past use with a detection window of only 16 hours.

Save Costs

Bring drug testing in-house and eliminate the need for specialized staff or facilities.

Increase Efficiency

Rapidly collect samples and employ batch testing to analyze drug screening results in minutes.

Expand Testing Capabilities

Conduct screening at any time and location using a compact and portable system.

Respect Dignity & Privacy

Preserve employee dignity with quick, non-invasive, and hygienic analysis of fingertip sweat.

Ensure Testing Integrity

Prevent foul play and maintain sample integrity through administrator-supervised testing and self-locking sample seals.

A Complete Drug
Testing Solution

We offer a comprehensive solution that includes training of nominated personnel, a two-part system for on-site testing, and a lab confirmatory test kit and procedure for when a positive screening result requires confirmation.

The National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) has accredited Intelligent Bio Solutions’ laboratory partner, Racing Analytical Services Limited (RASL), to perform its fingerprint confirmatory drug testing procedure.

How it Works:


When we ingest something, our bodies metabolize it to produce secondary chemicals (metabolites) detectable in blood, urine, saliva, and sweat. The metabolites we produce are specific to the substances we have consumed. Drug tests screen for specific drugs and drug metabolites in body fluids. The Intelligent Fingerprinting Drug Screening System detects recent drug misuse by screening for specific drugs or their metabolites in sweat from fingerprints. 

The detection window for drugs in sweat can vary depending on factors such as the drug’s half-life, the individual’s metabolism, and the specific testing method. Our system tests for “fitness for duty” on the day and has a detection window of 14-16 hours.


Our two-part Drug Screening System consists of single-use, tamper-proof drug screening Cartridges (for sample collection) and the portable DSR-Plus portable analysis unit.

The cartridge uses lateral flow assay technology and fluorescence-labelled antibodies to selectively detect specific drugs or their metabolites in sweat collected from fingerprints. The portable DSR-Plus is a highly sensitive, robust, and effective fluorescence measurement instrument used to read the Intelligent Fingerprinting Cartridge, providing a presumptive positive or negative result for each drug in the test within minutes

Our tests are quick and easy to administer due to the non-invasive sample collection method. Each cartridge screens for opiates, methamphetamine, cocaine and cannabis.

Step One

Press all ten fingertips onto the cartridge

Step Two

Insert the cartridge into the reader

Step Three

Drug test results displayed in minutes

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