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How Does Fingerprint Drug Testing Compare to Urine and Saliva-based Drug Testing? 

Comparing Fingerprint Drug Tests to Urine and Saliva

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Fingerprint Drug Tests: Non-Invasive Drug Screening at the Tips of Your Fingers

Traditional drug tests can be intrusive, undignified, and uncomfortable for both test takers and administrators. The Intelligent Fingerprinting Drug Screening System detects commonly abused drugs via fingertip sweat analysis, eliminating the need for invasive and unpleasant urine, saliva, or blood collection. Sweat sample collection takes seconds – the  donor simply presses all ten fingertips, in succession, onto the collection cartridge, and samples are then analyzed in the portable DSR-Plus reader for precise on-screen results within minutes. The non-invasive, non-biohazardous technique of fingerprint drug tests is dignified and hygienic for all, with no need for clinical waste disposal of used cartridges or specialist handling. 

Drug Testing. Anytime and Anywhere 

Urinary drug tests require the provision of private restroom facilities on-site, has a higher susceptibility to adulteration, and the inability to detect very recent drug use. Oral fluid drug screening tests require pre-test monitoring to ensure that the individuals being tested don’t eat, drink, smoke, or gargle before the test. Specialty provisions, pre-test waiting periods, the need to collect a minimum sample, dry mouth syndrome, and the requirement for biohazardous disposal procedures can all combine to make traditional testing methods a longer process to administer than fingertip sweat-based tests. 

Fingerprinting Drug Tests are straightforward to administer. Sample collection is quick and hygienic, and there is no need for special preparation before testing. Drug screening can be a swift and painless process that can be completed anytime, anywhere, making it an invaluable tool for employers in safety-critical industries. 

Assessing “Fitness for Duty” at the time of testing… not what you did on the weekend. 

‘Window of Detection’ refers to the duration after a drug or drug metabolite is taken where it can be detected in a test sample. When testing urine, drugs and metabolized by-products are detectable for up to four days from use (longer for habitual cannabis users), oral fluid for up to 48 hours, and fingerprint sweat for up to 16 hours. 

When an organization needs to assess fitness for duty, Intelligent Fingerprinting Drug Screening offers a clear benefit over traditional methods. Thanks to its shorter window of detection, sweat analysis provides a quick and dignified way of identifying potential drug misuse in the period immediately before the test. A positive result indicates recent drug use and, therefore, suggests a greater risk of impairment at the time of the test. 

With a longer detection window, oral and urine drug tests pose a higher risk of a person testing positive and being declared “unfit” for work, even if they consumed drugs up to two days prior, such as on a weekend night, and have a very low chance of being impaired at the time of test. 

Reducing Your Organizations Overheads  

The Intelligent Fingerprinting Drug Screening System uses a multi-panel test cartridge similar in cost to oral fluid drug tests. The system’s ease of use and hygienic nature eliminate the need for specially trained staff, specially prepared collection areas, or clinical waste disposal facilities, resulting in a more efficient drug testing process, reducing overheads and increasing operational efficiency. Additionally, organizations outsourcing their testing can save significant costs by bringing drug testing in-house with fingerprint drug tests. 

How Reliable is it? 

The Intelligent Fingerprinting Drug Screening System is comparable in accuracy with other point-of-care drug screening tests. The DSR-Plus reader indicates a positive or negative result on-screen for each drug in the test. For an unequivocal result, a fingerprint-based laboratory confirmation test is available to verify the initial screening results. 

Those who run an oral fluid drug testing program must be familiar with the potential areas of inflexibility and interpretation involved in the process. For instance, it is necessary to observe a waiting period of at least ten minutes before conducting the test and ensure that the person being tested has not ingested anything during that time. Moreover, the results often rely on the tester’s interpretation of the result lines on the test, which can be challenging to read and may introduce uncertainty into the process. 

By implementing our Intelligent Drug Screening System, your organization can ensure all employees are fit for duty while sustaining a non-invasive, rapid, dignified approach to drug testing. 

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