IBS Inc.

Style Guide

Our Logo

Our logo is the foundation of our brand and represents our professional, bold, and innovative identity. The ‘I’ and ‘B’ have been sliced diagonally to reveal a molecular-like structure that forms the upper half of the ‘I’. This resembles our living DNA molecules.

Logo Variations

Primary Logos

The primary use logo is the main visual representation of our brand. It should be used prominently on all marketing materials, including on our website and printed collateral. 

The primary logo must always be used in its approved form and never altered.

Intelligent Bio Solutions Logo White

Logo Variations

Stacked Logos

The stack logo is a secondary version of the logo. It is used in situations where space is limited and a more compact version of the logo is required. 

The stack logo must always be used in its approved form and never altered.

Logo Variations

Lettermark Logos

The lettermark logo is a typographic version of our brand logo. It uses the company’s initials as the main design element. It is a versatile option that can be used in various contexts, such as on social media, merchandise, and packaging.

The lettermark logo must always be used in its approved form and never altered.


Minimum Size

The logo should appear no less than the minimum widths detailed on this page for print and digital application. Following these dimensions will ensure legibility on all applications.

Clear Space

Always position the Intelligent Bio Solutions logo for maximum impact and give it plenty of room to breathe. 

The minimum clear space is defined by the lettering height on the word ‘intelligent’ (X). Clear space of the X length is applied on all sides of the logo. No other elements should intrude into this area.

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Non-Permissible Use

The Intelligent Bio Solutions logo is not to be altered in any way. These examples illustrate incorrect use of the logo; however, they do not include all instances of misuse.


  1. Do not change the color of the logo.
  2. Do not stretch or distort the logo.
  3. Do not place the logo on a background color other than the primary colors.
  4. Do not change the typeface of the logo.
  5. Do not make the logo transparent.
  6. Do not add any kind of shadow to the logo.









When using our logo in conjunction with other logos, it is important to ensure that there is adequate space between them.

The logos should be separated by white space to the value of 2x. All logos should be of a similar size when displayed alongside partner organizations. It is important to adhere to the minimum size and space specifications detailed in this guide.


Primary Color Palette

The primary colors for the Intelligent Bio Solutions brand are those found within the logo. The bright blue and pure white embody the brand identity’s clean aesthetic and innovative nature.

All Intelligent Bio Solutions brand colors are to be used exactly as represented in this brand manual. Shades or tones of these colors are not permitted for use.

Print-based projects use PMS codes.

Screen/online projects use RGB or HEX codes.

HEX: #0247FE

RGB: 2, 71, 254

PMS: 2728 C

Bright Blue


RGB: 255, 255, 255

Pure White


Secondary Color Palette

The secondary colors merge medical with tech, specifically shades that represent innovation, integrity, and intelligence. Shades or tones of these colors are not permitted for use. Secondary colors may be used as highlight or accent colors on print marketing material, business stationery, advertising, social media, and the website.

HEX: #191170

RGB: 25, 17, 112

PMS: 2755 PC

Midnight Blue

HEX: #6f77e3

RGB: 111, 119, 227

PMS: 272 C

Moody Blue

HEX: #ededed

RGB: 237, 237, 237

PMS: Cool Grey 1C

Carrara Grey

HEX: #53d2db

RGB: 83, 210, 219

PMS: 3252 C

Viking Blue



Montserrat is a sans-serif typeface that is even and geometric in design. 


Montserrat Light

Montserrat Semi Bold

Aa  Bb  Cc  Dd  Ee  Ff  Gg Hh  Ii  Jj  Kk  Ll  Mm  Nn Oo  Pp  Qq  Rr  Ss  Tt  Uu Vv  Ww  Xx  Yy  Zz

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0


Applying Montserrat


Montserrat Semi Bold  |  Sentence Case  |  80pt


Montserrat Light  |  All Caps  |  200pt Tracking  |  32pt


Montserrat Semi Bold  |  Sentence Case  |  48pt

Body Text

Montserrat Light  |  Sentence Case  |  24pt

secondary typeface


When Montserrat cannot be used, such as when sending emails, it should be substituted with Arial.



Arial Bold

Aa  Bb  Cc  Dd  Ee  Ff  Gg Hh  Ii  Jj  Kk  Ll  Mm  Nn Oo  Pp  Qq  Rr  Ss  Tt  Uu Vv  Ww  Xx  Yy  Zz

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0

Visual language

Graphical Angles

The primary graphical angle for Intelligent Bio Solutions is 45°. This is taken from the wedge cut in to the ‘I’ and ‘B’ on the logo.

Every time graphical angles are used, they should be led by the 45° angle, with additional angles surrounding.

Visual language

Mono Graphical Angles

The angles can be used in a mono version with a drop shadow. These are to be used as linking elements so that the brand flows but its not overpowering on all pages.

Drop shadow is only to be applied to the mono version of the graphical angles.


Supporting Shapes

Shapes used in logos can convey more than just visual appeal. Studies in visual communication have shown that certain shapes carry specific associations in the human mind, making them effective tools for reinforcing a brand’s intended message to its target audience.

The Intelligent Bio Solutions brand shapes consist of hexagons, circles and crosses. Their regularity suggests organization, efficiency and structure. Circles and hexagons are mirrored within our living DNA molecules.

Visual language

Supporting Lines

The IBS supporting lines are a contemporary representation of a molecular structure. The lines can be effectively utilized in various forms of communication, from print to digital. When paired with the appropriate brand typography and visual elements, they can amplify our unique identity and effectively convey our purpose.

Visual language

Supporting Wave

The wave graphic is intended to add visual appeal across print and digital platforms. The wave’s shape is reminiscent of the human body, symbolizing Intelligent Bio Solutions’ human-focused mission and purpose.



Ideally, all imagery is to be shot and owned by Intelligent Bio Solutions. Color grading is to be applied to images, adding the corporate colors to shade and highlight.

Stock imagery should be carefully chosen to align with the topic at hand.